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Negros Occidental Governor Lacson’s Statement re : President Duterte’s 5th SONA

July 29, 2020

The President’s SONA revealed the matters that are paramount to his administration, as reflected by the key legislations he has enjoined Congress to enact.

Among the considerations he discussed, I am in agreement with his call for Telecom Companies to improve their services given that technology and connectivity will be among the controlling and dominant elements under the new normal. Not to mention its crucial importance in the Alternative Learning System that includes Online Learning for our students this coming school year. The Philppines is among the lowest when it comes to mobile and fixed line internet speed. Fast and reliable internet connection should be the norm rather than an expensive option.

I also agree with the President’s directives to TESDA to retool our OFWs and for the Government financial institutions to assist our displaced OFWs; his appeal to lessors to be more considerate and compassionate with their tenants; and his request for Banko Sentral to provide regulatory relief to MSMEs. We all need these interventions to prevent the collapse of the economy.

Further, the request of the President for the swift passage of Bayanihan 2 is truly pivotal given the health and economic crisis we are facing now. As a Local Chief Executive, I am hoping that such urgent legislation will be accorded priority by both houses.

As the father of the Republic, the President’s call for solidarity,that we should take care of one another , and that this is the time to bring out the best in all of us should be heeded by every Filipino.*


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