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Teleperformance productivity innovation benefits local and global brands

October 3, 2020

Teleperformance Philippines, home to a diverse pool of professionals from various disciplines, is among the key drivers of innovation that brands rely on to ensure that the best digital integrated business services are available to support their customers.

By enabling companies with state-of-the-art technology that facilitate recovery and growth in a time of crisis, Teleperformance Philippines continues to widen its domestic market.

Clients appreciate how the company offers turnkey back-office solutions that allow for secure and fast roll out of work-from-home options. This provides business continuity strength essential for industries in the current environment.

“Innovation is a value-add that our clients enjoy in their partnership with us,” noted Teleperformance Philippines Chief Operations Officer Mike Lytle. “As one of the core values – along with Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, and Commitment which guide our company, the innovative mindset is fostered for the benefit of our people, the customers they serve and ultimately our partners.”

This innovation initiative is demonstrated through the development and roll out of the Teleperformance productivity tracking and case management tool, which effectively fills the gap in tracking non-voice back-office productivity, both in work-from-home and brick-and-mortar business models.

This Teleperformance app is a simple, yet effective time tracking capability for every agent activity done offline, while providing supervisors the ability to monitor and drive productivity real-time through dashboards and reports. Primarily a work allocation and measurement tool that enables back-office staff to assign, monitor, and measure efficiency, it also helps teams discover ways to constantly improve their processes.

The user-friendly app is highly customizable to the particular processes and needs of the client program, from any industry. After successful integration in a number of the company’s accounts which resulted in productivity gains up to 30%, this Philippine innovation has been designated for roll-out to other Teleperformance subsidiaries.

“We are proud of our Development teams. They are energetic and dynamic professionals who are always curious and looking for ways to improve processes, exploring ways for technology to support our people and help make things better, safer, faster and more cost effective,” said Lytle.

With more user experience insights, Teleperformance Philippines’ Development team will continue to improve the features of this productivity tracking and case management app to help operations and support teams deliver consistently excellent service levels to clients.* (Levi Trio, Marketing Manager- Vismin)


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