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ABAPK9i holds successful Unity Pack Walk at SM City Bacolod

October 21, 2021

ABAPK9i SAR Negros Island OIC Junelo Castillo with his Belgian Shepherds on the side during the International Unity Pack Walk in Bacolod City.* (Contributed photo)

In celebration of the International Unity Pack Walk, the All Breed Association of the Philippines K9, Inc. (ABAPK9i) Search and Rescue (SAR)-Bacolod Chapter successfully held a simultaneous nationwide event at the sidewalk area of the north wing of SM City Bacolod on October 17, 2021.

Following the success of the nationwide unity pack walk, ABAPK9i will also launch the K9 Volunteer Group soon, according to Negros Island officer-in-charge Junelo Castillo.

“The organization strategically planned a series of events that will stimulate the inner strength of the local dog community. The unity campaign of the nationwide pack walk has gained so much popularity that caught the attention of many dog enthusiasts,” Castillo stressed.

He said that this is a sign that the group had been waiting for to begin the next step.

The organization will conduct free Search & Rescue trainings to develop the sniff capabilities of different breeds with potential to becomr search dogs. The rest of the volunteers will be trained as medics to complete the team of K9 SAR, the ABAPK9i SAR also said.
Some of the dog breeds during the unity pack walk were Belgian and German shepherds, Chow Chow, Siberian Husky, American Pitbull Terrier, Shih Tzu, indigenous mixed-breed or aspin, among others.

One of the advocacies of ABAPK9i SAR is to spread awareness on how the different canine breed serve its best to our daily lives not only as a pet. The group recognizes its highest and most noble purpose as a rescuer, service dog, guard, a family member, friend, emotional therapist, and even as an angel dog, he said.

This pack walk was in cooperation with Elite K9 Phillippines, Negros Island Dog Lovers, Huge Cuddles Bacolod, Nutri Chunks, DCM General Technology, and ABAPK9i SAR chapters – Pontevedra, La Castellana, Silay, Cadiz.* (James G. Toga)


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