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PRRD, Año clear former Bacolod City Councilor Cano Tan from the Drugs Watch List

October 24, 2021

President Rodrigo R. Duterte has cleared the name of Mr. Ricardo “Cano” Tan from the drugs watch list.
Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año, in his memorandum order dated August 11, 2021, certified that Ricardo “Cano” Tan of Bacolod City has been removed/delisted from the Inter-Agency Drug Information database under the recommendation, review, evaluation, and management of the Inter-Agency Drug Information Database Committee, and approved by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte through a memorandum dated July 31, 2021.
Cano Tan received the certification. He considers this “the most significant gift and blessing he received from God and the President, which brought back his freedom as a well-meaning citizen of Bacolod and this country”.
Tan expressed his profound gratitude to the President for speaking the truth about his innocence “that ultimately help expunge all allegations, doubts, and intrigues fabricated against him in theform of fake news. This certification has brought back the good name of Cano Tan”.
He said, “This is it. The President has spoken. He gave me my absolute freedom. I stand proud now before the public as a vindicated man. This certification resulted from validation and revalidation conducted by the Inter-Agency Task Force as indicated in the certification issued by B/Gen. Rene P. Pamuspusan, the former Regional Director of Philippine National Police – Region 6.”
“The said Inter-Agency Task Force has recommended clearing my name from all forms of illegal drug activities. The same was submitted to the Office of the President for his approval. And the President has granted his approval on this matter,” Cano Tan said.
“This is justice in black and white. This is proof that Cano Tan did not engage in any illegal drug activity in Bacolod and elsewhere. Thank you, President Duterte, for the objective review of my circumstance,” Cano Tan said.
He also thanked the members of the Inter-Agency Committee for giving him the due process that finally rendered him an innocent man.
“This certification is the vindication that he has prayed for. This certification, signed by Secretary Año bearing the approval of President Duterte, is not just a piece of paper but symbolizes Tan’s freedom from all accusations against him. Justice has been served, and the buck stops here,” he said.
“Time and again, I have vehemently denied any involvement in any form of illegal drug activity that even the lifeless King Kong was dragged in the controversy. I am innocent. I am a victim of fake news and intrigues. I am just an ordinary person who worked hard to achieve
what I have dreamed of in my life. Our success was attained through the legal and decent way. And this has convinced the Inter-Agency Task Force and President Duterte to clear my name from any illegal drug link. And I am here now in front of you to tell you the truth,” he told newsmen in yesterday afternoon’s press conference at the Tan family-owned Campuestohan Highland Resort.
He hopes that those responsible for sowing intrigues should cease doing the same any further because no less than the President and Sec. Año made a stand in clearing his name.
“To those who made this worst on me and my family, I beg you, please let me be your last victim. You have done your worst on me and my family. And now, let me continue to do my best for my family and the people of Bacolod City. I hope to be your last victim. I have struggled for this but was blessed to regain my freedom and vindication. I have suffered a lot from the destructive effects of fake news and intrigues. My family has also suffered with me. My friends and other people who knew me well could not believe what the fake news had pictured out about me that was clothed with false and malicious accusations. But lies travel fast, and now, lies have no place in Bacolod l and our society. This is an example that lies will be exposed, and the truth has finally come out that I am innocent. I know that this day will come that justice and vindication will be mine. I always believe that flight is a sign of guilt. I am not guilty. I have no illegal business. I pursued finding the path of justice and vindication while ensuring my safety. It is sad that when you are poor and have succeeded in life, some nasty people will sow lies against you because they cannot do what you have achieved. What we have right now did not come easy for us. We have worked hard and made a lot of sacrifices to attain our current situation. God has blessed us with so much because we did what was according to His will. We put our faith in Him,” Tan said.
He further said that when he filed his Certificate of Candidacy for Councilor of Bacolod last October 8, he heard some people and quarters asking why he should seek public office when his name was linked to illegal drugs.
“Again, I am innocent of all the charges against me, and I know God and the government are with me. So why would I be afraid to offer my service again to the public? My life is an open book. I am strongly confident that I will be vindicated. My vindication now is an answered prayer. This is clear proof that good will always triumph over evil,” the former Number 1 councilor of the city added.
“My life is an inspiration to all that when one will do what is right, justice will always be on our side. When we are tested, we must never give up on seeking justice because justice will always be served when you do good. I always say nga si Cano Gwapo indi kawatan. (I am not a thief) because I stand firm against all forms of corruption and illegal activities. I have surpassed the biggest challenge in my life. To our youth, let my experience serve you as a good example that it is always right to choose to do good because good prevails. To all my friends, thank you for all your prayers and moral support. To all the priests and pastors who prayed hard for me. Justice is finally given to me. Justice is eventually shown to our people. This Certification is a closure of a bad dream. This is a vindication for me and my family. To our peace-loving and law-abiding citizens of Bacolod, this Certification is proof that justice can be attained as long as we do what is right. Thank you, God Almighty, Thank You, Mr. President, thank you my family and friends, and thank you, people, of Bacolod for siding with me and truth. I fought long and hard for this, and finally, justice is served along with my sweetest victory; MY FREEDOM,” he added.
“Madamu gid nga salamat sa inyo tanan,” Cano Guapo Tan said.*


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