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Yield Guild Games puts love in action, sends relief to Odette-hit Central Visayas; Axies Alerts PH relief operation in Negros

February 18, 2022

Two months after Odette struck the country, more than 3 million victims in Central Visayas still struggle to recover from the calamity. The typhoon ravaged a total of P3.3 billion in agricultural damage, an important source of livelihood for residents in Central Visayas.

To help hasten recovery and elevate the play-to-earn community beyond the gaming realm to address the needs of the physical world, Filipino-led gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) initiated a donation drive that raised P6 million worth of cryptocurrencies on the day of the announcement. YGG swiftly acquired funding from the community using cryptocurrency platforms, allowing them to amass P74 million donations in total which can be tracked through their #OdettePH transparency report.

“Despite the positive outcome of our relief operation in the previous months, we saw the need to keep consolidating our efforts today to support professional organizations, small communities, and offer financial assistance directly to affected households,” said YGG Country Manager Luis Buenaventura. They have recently deployed a total of P51 million worth of donations to the Philippine Army and Navy and non-profit organizations to support typhoon-affected communities in Cebu, Bohol, and Negros among others.

They have procured life-saving relief items (i.e., hygiene kits, kitchen sets), drinking water, power generators, fishing boats, and water filters. “This is one of our ways of putting our love for the country into action,” Buenaventura added.

In collaboration with several organizations for relief and community rebuilding operations, YGG has served as a conduit to the local communities and the Metaverse at large, showing how quick public service can be when leveraging on technology. Some of its partners in the region are #BangonBohol, World Vision, Victory Christian Fellowship of Lapu-Lapu, Tabangay Ta, and Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation.

“YGG has helped a lot during the onslaught of Typhoon Odette by supporting Axies Alerts PH’s (AAPH) relief operation and providing immediate relief such as food and drinking water just a few days after the typhoon hit, which benefited many areas in the region,” said AAPH Founder Brylle Uytiepo.

Playing never stops at YGG as well as its initiatives to help local communities. The guild keeps the community updated on the deployment of funds from the Metaverse the YGG Pilipinas Facebook page.

As this is one of their first big projects out of the Metaverse, Buenaventura expressed that they are grateful to have the community and partners that helped them bring aid to Filipinos during this challenging time. “YGG’s initiative is a testament to what our guild aims to achieve for Filipinos – to rise together as one,” he adds.

Those who wish to support their relief efforts can contribute through the following YGG Wallet addresses:
YGG ERC-20 Wallet: yggph.eth
YGG Pilipinas Ronin Wallet: ronin:bf298227e40c55f5d5a85e5aecc61c622f4b20ac


Yield Guild Games ( is a decentralized gaming guild that pools investor funds to purchase yield-generating NFTs, and leverages players’ time and effort to optimise its community-owned assets for maximum utility and return. By merging NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi), YGG’s mission is to create value for its members by developing the content and economy of virtual worlds and blockchain-based games.

A short documentary released in May 2021, Play-to-Earn: NFT Gaming in the Philippines, reveals the story of a rural community that earned an income through play-to-earn gaming amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The documentary, which was produced as a collaboration between Yield Guild Games, Delphi Digital and Emfarsis Consulting, demonstrates how NFTs and cryptocurrencies are providing transformative economic opportunities for people young and old in developing nations where jobs are lacking and crisis relief has been limited.*


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