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Bong, Jeffrey say support for Albee’s mayoralty bid in Bacolod stands

March 5, 2022

Negros Occidental Governor Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson and Vice Governor Jeffrey Ferrer reiterated their continuing commitment in supporting the mayoralty bid of former congressman Alfredo Benitez in Bacolod City.

“Without a doubt, we manifested that even before, nothing has changed,” Lacson said.

The governor pointed out the coalition of Love Negros and United Negros Alliance (UNegaA) at the provincial level includes supporting Benitez.

Ferrer said that his support to the former congressman continues.

In an assembly on April 28 last year, 28 mayors out of 31 in the province signed a manifesto of support for Benitez’ bid.
The assembly was attended by mayors belonging to the Love Negros and UNegA and led by Lacson and Ferrer.* (EYA)


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