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FEATURE: The adventures of Pota – DOGMALANAY

April 13, 2022

Amongst the pack of long-haired, black coat Alphas my attention was caught by “Pota” a Belgian Groenendael a medium-sized longhaired canine that appears square in its outline, lighter in bone, more refined head, black in color, and some might have limited white on the chest and toes.

Pota was born July 5, 2021; his name was inspired by a restaurant called Putahe Restaurant, located at Loygoy Bridge 2, Barangay Alangilan which serves the best coffee and soup in town.

What’s special about Pota is he specializes in running especially in marathon events a long-distance foot race with a distance of 42.195 kilometers (26 miles 385 yards), its either road or trail for Balik Dalagan Silay – March 2022 for 5kms and trail run Bacolod at Iron Elk Duathlon trail running 10kms at Iron Elk Adventure Park. He has done more great outdoor activities than an average human being.

With the character and temperament of Pota, Groenendael dogs are known for their adaptability and ability to excel in practically anything they do, showing off his intelligence, he is loyal, and with his dedication comes a protective quality of any potential threat, though he is not instinctively aggressive in his nature.

With its high energy, the outdoor is their life, and nature is considered home they are currently preparing upcoming projects and activities such as the DOGMALANAY SERIES 9, a dog trailblazing event at the mountains of Negros Island that would require them to hitch and hike Mt. Kanlaon on 14 to 16 April 2022 as well as volunteering for Bantay Bukid. Tibur’s challenges of frequently traveling are the costly travel expenses, time, and the effort of training in preparation for the trip.

Much of a Dog’s personality comes from its owner. In a study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science, with regards to Personality Similarities between Dogs and their human companions’ Pet parents overwhelmingly responded that they share personality dimensions with their dogs.

Tibur Espinosa trains Pota like his own child; he speaks to him in a language that he can understand, body language, basic commands, positive reinforcements, and being in training him like a parent disciplining a spoiled child. You have to be ready to take responsibility and make sure your dog companion is well-loved and taken care of like he is your child, buying him dog accessories, dogs plate, dog food, water container, going for a walk, and challenging him with exercises.

With their alpha demeanor of naturally born leaders; self-assured, powerful, and confident in everything they do they have grown how to learn and love each other in every stimulating and inspiring adventure.

DOGMALANAY is a local group with a combination of passionate environmentalists and dog enthusiasts that travels, does outdoor activities, physically and mentally demanding sports, together with their canine companions, and practices an unorthodox approach of dog trailblazing practices marking paths on outdoor recreational areas. Founded by Rexfeild John Boc and Tibur Espinosa they have created a pack of alphas.

A total of 15 registered members together with their canines have traveled to different places in Negros Island, Don Salvador Benedicto, Sipaway Island, Bantayan Island, and Santa Fe Island in Cebu. Their membership does not limit only to dogs with breeds but they are encouraging as well aspins (asong-pinoy) to join the pack.* (Mary Grace Peralta-Gonzales/Witch Dog)


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