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Pawssion Project – Bacolod Free Spay & Neuter Day

April 29, 2022

Pawssion Project – Friday, April 29, 2022, at San Antonio Abad Church Catholic church in Bacolod, offering 100 slots (70 cats/30 dogs), hosting again another FREE spay and neuter drive in BACOLOD CITY

Right after the Municipality of Cauayan 1st spay and neuter drive outside Bacolod within Negros Occidental, with the efforts of the Provincial Veterinary Office, Falcor Marketing Corp, volunteers from Manila, and the LGU of Cauayan. They were able to spay and neuter 60 cats and dogs.

Thank you very much Falcor Marketing Corporation for sponsoring the event and for all of the support to different animal welfare groups!

Pawssion Project started in October 2018 because of dogs on death row in our local Bacolod City Pound. They have always acknowledged that rescuing is just a band-aid solution.

Many dogs are being killed in pounds, so many discarded puppies, kittens, and even adult dogs and cats, so many victims of animal cruelty, and overpopulation is one of the main reasons.

Despite Pawssion Projects’ struggles in sustaining the needs of both shelters, they continue to do what they can to host FREE spay and neuter drives because one of the ultimate solutions is being able to control the overpopulation of strays in Bacolod.

Pawssion Projects’ dream is to be able to inspire more people, organizations, and companies to be part of spay and neuter projects because spay and neuter is the solution!* (Mary Grace Peralta Gonzales/Witch Dog)


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