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Public urged to take precautions vs Dengue as cases are rising

May 5, 2022

Provincial Health Officer (PHO) Dr. Ernell Tumimbang affirmed today that the number of dengue cases in Negros Occidental is increasing.

Although it is not yet alarming, Tumimbang said the public must take preventive measures like destroying mosquito breeding places.

He explained that dengue cases will only be at an alert level if it exceeds more than 500 cases. However, as of today, May 5, there are only around 200 cases.

Tumimbang said they are continuing to monitor the situation, especially that in 2021 dengue cases in the province were relatively low.

“Kung nubo ang imo [kaso], any increase will be doubled,” Tumimbang added.

Last month, the Department of Health (DOH) in Western Visayas reported that from January 1 to April 16 of this year, Negros Occidental recorded a total of 238 dengue cases.

The record was 56 percent more compared to the same period last year, and currently the biggest increase compared to other provinces in Western Visayas.

The province has also recorded a total of two fatalities due to the mosquito-borne disease.
Dengue cases normally increase every three years.

Dengue causes a severe flu-like illness that could sometimes be fatal. Its carriers are day-biting mosquitoes.
According to the World Health Organization, individuals should suspect dengue when a high fever (40 degrees centigrade) is accompanied by two of the following symptoms: severe headache, pain behind the eyes, nausea / vomiting, swollen glands, muscle and joint pains, and rashes.

For severe dengue, the warning signs to look out for are: severe abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, rapid breathing, bleeding gums, blood in vomit, fatigue, and restlessness.

The DOH renewed its call to the public to prevent dengue by implementing the enhanced 4-S strategy in their households:

* Search and destroy mosquito-breeding sites;
* Self-protection measures like wearing long pants and long sleeved shirts and daily use of mosquito repellent;
* Seek early consultation; and
* Support fogging/spraying only in hotspot areas where increase in cases is registered for two consecutive weeks to prevent an impending outbreak.* (DGB)


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