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Isla Madalag Eco-Haven: A new dining and tourist destination in EB Magalona

June 9, 2022

‘Immerse with nature, satisfy your palate with Sutukil’

There’s a new destination for family and friends in EB Magalona town where one can get reenergized by the beauty and ambience of nature on a coastal setting teeming with mangrove greens.

The Municipal Government of EB Magalona, led by Mayor Marvin Malacon, inaugurated last week the Isla Madalag Eco-Haven located beside a five-hectare mangrove forest in Barangay Madalag.

The selfie-, groufie-friendly haven is complemented by affordable Sutukil – seafoods served either as sugba (broiled), tula (stewed), or kilaw (prepared raw). One can feast on assorted isda (fish), talaba (oyster), kasag (blue crab) especially blue crab that is abundant in the town.

Isla Madalag Eco-Haven, operated under a partnership between the municipal government and the barangay, is open only during weekends but may soon operate daily.

The newest destination not only boosts livelihood and economic activities in the coastal village, but also adds up to the tourism magnet of EB Magalona town where the famous Tomongtong Mangrove Eco-trail in Brgy. Tomongtong is also located, along with other nice places, Mayor Malacon said.

“We will also showcase here our own local products. We will also employ more local residents as we expand the area of Isla Madalag Eco-Haven. We found no problem in looking for chefs and personnel because those who used to work in big restaurants and resorts are here,” the mayor said during the June 3 inauguration and blessing of the newest tourist destination.

Isla Madalag is considered on a higher category than Tomongtong. At Madalag, visitors can dine in beautifully-designed reinforced bamboo structures and floating restaurants that can accommodate even big groups. Dining on boats will be available in the coming days.

The structures at the site include bamboo bridges and a watch tower.

The haven will be expanded and extended to an islet of Sitio Roma in the neighboring barangay, said Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer Jojo Vargas, who led a team that carried out Mayor Malacon’s instructions in the development of the area.

Visit the site. The road leading there starts right infront the EB Magalona Municipal Building, towards the north.* (Arman P. Toga)


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