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FEATURE: Gamboa’s Landmark Ordinance And The Gohing Dance Studio

July 10, 2022

Dr. Wilson Gamboa, Jr. shared his Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage Ordinances last July 2, 2022, at a dance event “Gohing on Vacation: Summer Dance Showcase 2022”.* (Photo by James G. Toga)

It was a joy to see twenty-three young dance artists of the Gohing Dance Studio (GDS) working on their bodies’ quick-rapid-nippy rhythmic movements to the tune of the latest catchy melody hits that would prod even their elderly audience to beat their feet on the ground. It was a delight to see proud parents gather together last July 2, 2022, to witness their children’s free expressive creation of an idea, emotion, and experience through the dance, a performing art that requires hours and hours of practice, Gohing Dance Studio’s Artistic Director and CEO 28-year-old Mary Joan Gohing thanked the parents for allowing their children to spend more time with the studio’s assisting choreographers Alexa Columna, Samantha Sampalucia, Patricia Tabino, and Jemmel Villanueva.

A hemodialysis Nurse, Clinical Director at Healberg Lifestyle Medical Center and Clinics, Artistic Director, CEO, choreographer, and owner of the Gohing Dance Studio, 28-year-old Mary Joan Gohing.*

Miss Gohing recalled how her dance studio started out as a dream, a dream to simply impart her creative dancing skill to students thereby build-up the latter’s personality. Soon the dream turned into a reality and being a hemodialysis nurse and a Clinical Services at the Healberg Lifestyle Medical Center and Clinics, the GDS evolve into a dancing studio with a purpose. From the inner impulse of the studios’ Artistic Director herself and her assisting choreographers, came the articulation of an educational philosophy that dancing is not just about skills but likewise the development of the total personality of the young dance learners. It was about the power to heal, physically and mentally, the power each young learners should possess as they tread into their adulthood world.

All set, the twenty-three GDS young dance artists composing the K-Pop Dance and Open Style Dance Classes, including a select “Gohing Fam Crew” that garnered the champion award at the PHILKOR FANCOM Competition by Skyway Productions last June 18, 2022, and special dance-guests group, the Murcia Dance Company – all “blast, blaze, dash and flash” non-stop on the stage set up by the Ayala Malls Capitol Central, bringing all the spirited impulse together into what the GDS family call “Gohing On Vacation: Summer Dance Showcase 2022” and when “life seems lunatic” these young dance artists were taught to “Keepgohing…keep going no matter what”.

The show lasted for about one hour and a half but before the grand finale number, invited GDS special guest, former Councilor now private citizen Dr. Wilson Gamboa, Jr. lauded the efforts of parents, executive producers of the show Bernardo and Christine Gohing, friends and supporters, all the young performing artists, teachers, and the GDS Artistic Director and CEO Mary Joan Gohing.

In his message, Dr. Gamboa shared his two Heritage Ordinances, the “Tangible Cultural Heritage Ordinance” and especially his landmark ordinance the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Ordinance”, the first-ever ordinance crafted in the Philippines that is to cover groups like the GDS.

He said, “these two ordinances are aimed at protecting, preserving, promoting, and conserving Bacolod’s Cultural Heritage. In particular, the dance-art form of the Gohing Studio is covered by my Intangible Cultural Heritage Ordinances. The intangible cultural heritage includes songs, oral living traditions like poetries, beliefs, practices, and skills, and THE DANCE, among others, which is chronically at risk of disappearing – thus the need to protect, preserve, promote and conserve, an essential ingredient of a healthy community and sustainable development.”

Dr. Wilson Gamboa, Jr. received his Certificate of Appreciation from the Gohing Dance Studio Artistic Director and CEO Mary Joan Gohing together with NDB Writer Gil Severino, the event’s MC.*

Tangible Cultural Heritage, on the other hand, refers to physically built heritage such as buildings, historic places and monuments, and other physical, material, or tangible human artistic creations that are invested with cultural significance in society.

To date, Gamboa had passed more than 60 ordinances and if properly executed, will indeed prosper the lives of the Bacolodnons. His presence at the GDS event is but a part of what he meant in his earlier statement made during the last official regular session of the Bacolod Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) on June 29, 2022. While he bid farewell to his 12 years of service as a Councilor, he will never bid goodbye to public service. Enlightening the GDS Family and their audience about his Cultural Heritage Ordinances is but a continuation of his advocacy “to serve God and neighbors”.

Miss Gohing meanwhile informed the general public that the Gohing Dance Studio offers Dance Classes in K-Pop, Open Style, and Walk-in Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners including the Gohing Fam Crew Training Classes and Studio Rentals. Call them at 0933-452-0808 or link with them at Gohing Dance Studio on Facebook.* (Gil Alfredo B. Severino)

The Gohing Dance Studio’s K-Pop and Open Style Classes, Gohing Fam Crew (GCF), GCF Batch 5, dance teachers, staff, stage crew, with executive producers Bernardo and Christine Gohing, supporters Ernesto Qua and Rolando Cua, Sr., NDB Writer Gil Severino, and Dr. Wilson Gamboa, Jr.*
The Gohing Dance Studio K-Pop and Open Style Dance Classes express that dancing is not just a skill but a philosophy of healing as well.*
The Gohing Fam Crew who emerged champion at the PHILKOR FANCOM Competition by Skyway Productions last June 18, 2022.*




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