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Clavel wins Gov.Lacson 13&U chess championship

August 28, 2022

Rankings After Round 6 of Swiss System

John Mekael Clavel – Champion (5.5 pts.)
Jet Ivan Sadia – 2nd Place (5.5 pts.)
Jamie Lee Valencia – 3rd Place (5.0 pts.)
Einn Mercado – 4th Place (5.0 pts.)
Jecuambs Cuambot – 5th Place (4.5 pts.)
Nietszche De La Guinson – 6th Place (4.5 pts.)
Jhared Bermudez – 7th Place (4.5 pts.)
Crisford Penaroyo – 8th Place (4.5 pts.)
Ted Ivan Montoyo – 9th Place (4.0 pts.)
John Paul Navarra – 10th Place (4.0 pts.)

John Mekael Clavel (5.5/6 pts, BH 22) of Cadiz City won a hard fought last two rounds to become the 13 & under category champion in the recently concluded 2022 Governor “Bong” Lacson Age Group Chess Championship at the Social Hall, Provincial Capitol Building in Bacolod City Saturday afternoon, August 27.

Finishing 4th in the Abanse Negrense Search for Future Negros Chess Master last July 2022, Clavel was forced to draw in Round 4 against 7th placer Jhared Bermudez (4.5/6 pts, BH 22.5). But bounced back in the following rounds against 5th placer Jecuambs Cuambot (4.5/6 pts, BH 25) and 6th placer Nietszche De La Guinson (4.5/6 pts, BH 24). The Cadiz native champion snatched to P2,500 cash incentive.

The chess event was in Rapid format with 15 minutes of play plus 3 seconds increment in a 58-player field 13&under mixed boys and girls category presented by Abanse Negrense thru the Provincial Sports Office of Negros Occidental under the leadership of Executive Assistant IV Mr. Anthony Carlo “Tony” Agustin and Governor Eugenio Jose “Bong” Lacson.

To quote provincial sports coordinator Tony Agustin to the chess players Friday morning, “Your efforts in this event, both mental and physical, will be noted by the provincial government and sports officials. Like the athletes, we are all players who like to win the game of life. We are in the process to becoming the best that we can be.”

Agustin added that the province of Negros Occidental would bring chess events like these in the near future to produce best players and be an example to other aspiring chess enthusiasts.

According to chess coordinator Leo Romitman, one of the objectives of the program is to
offer players an oppportunity to develop and compete in a wide range of tournaments – may it be in local, regional, national, or international scene.

Joining Clavel in the top 10 recognition were 2nd placer Jet Ivan Sadia (5.5/6 pts, BH 17.5) and 3rd placer Jamie Lee Valencia (5.0/6 pts, BH 20) followed by Einn Mercado (5.0/6 pts, BH 16),  Crisford Penaroyo (4.5/6 pts, BH 20.5), Ted Ivan Montoyo (4.0/6 pts, BH 23), and John Paul Navarra (4.0/6 pts, BH 22.5).* (JGT)


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