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Iloilo City Energy Plan gets USAID, MORE Power support

September 16, 2022

The Local Energy Plan of the Iloilo City government, designed to ensure sufficient supply of electricity for incoming investors, is on the right track with the full support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and MORE Power.

With an allocation of US$50,000 for its technical and financial support to Iloilo City as the pilot city through its Energy Secure Philippines (ESP) Initiative, the USAID coordinated with the RT International Research Institute which which will provide technical know-how and support in developing a modern facility to its pilot distribution utility which is MORE Power.

The program will put into motion the main objective of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act or RA 11285 of which theLocal Government Units must implement, primarily the monitoring of the Energy Consumption and Energy Conservation of a city or municipality.

According to Engr. Noel Hechanova, Executive Assistant for Environment of Iloilo City, they started creating the plan in 2004 however, this was never completed.

The city initially started its renewable energy and energy conservation initiatives like giving discounts on real property taxes to encourage businessmen and consumers but very few availed of it.

Under the city government- USAID- MORE Power cooperation, USAID will guide the LGU and various stakeholders through a series of workshops in crafting long-term energy conservation plans, creating an Energy Efficiency Conservation Office, Local Energy Plan, Ordinance for the Local Energy Code, and EVOSS or Energy Virtual One Stop Shop, which will provide the energy-based online situation of business and investment promotions of the City Government.

Engr. Hechanova said, “In the first place, ang partnership naton with MORE is important to reduce yung rate. We cooperate, we bring down the cost, we bring down the system loss. If we reduce that through energy efficiency nga mga programs, then it would benefit the city kag mga constituents namon kag mga konsumidor. Then we have to cooperate on energy efficiency and advocacy bangud kinahanglan namon ang other partners to help us promote this agud ma reduce ang greenhouse gases emission naton.”

On the other hand, Engr. Niel Ravena, Acting Department Head of Iloilo City Environment and Natural Resources, stressed the importance of having data on the supply of power in Iloilo City to cater to the needs of incoming investors.

“It is very hard for the city kung kulang imo nga supply, with the promotion sang aton nga mayor sa aton nga investors, dapat ready ang energy source ta kag ang distribution utility para mag accommodate sa masulod nga investors,” addedbEngr. Ravena.

MORE Power, Ravena said, has a “very vital role” in the endeavor. “… Sila ang distribution utility company nga naga serve diri sa City of Iloilo. So mayo gid kay naka start na kita sang partnership with MORE and USAID para maka jump off na ini nga mga projects”.

MORE Power Assurance

A statement from MORE Power. meanwhile assured the city of its full cooperation in providing necessary information to the city on its load capacities and forecasting of demands, and will also take “a huge role” in the technical working group of the city government to hasten the crafting of the Local Energy Plan.

The group targets its completion in five years, and this will then serve as the guide for investors who wish to expand their business in Iloilo City and for further plans for the city government in terms of development.* (APT)


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