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‘Arte Lokal, Aton Bugal’

November 25, 2022

Arte Lokal, Aton Bugal was initiated as a final term project in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions or MICE subject of the fourth year Hospitality Management students of COHM4E from the University of St. La Salle Bacolod, under the supervision of their teacher Ms. Mary Grace Gonzales.

The event was held last Friday, November 18, 2022, from 1-4 PM as part of a 4-day series of events as a culmination for their term requirements.

It was created to be an event to highlight and showcase the talents of our very own Negrense artists and speakers through talks and exhibitions.

The term “Arte Lokal , Aton Bugal” was coined by one of the students, Ms. Trixia Amit to highlight the essence of the event which is to showcase the inherent artistic capabilities of local artists within Negros Occidental.

“Arte Lokal” literally means local art in the Hiligaynon language and “Aton Bugal” meaning to show off or to present.

The event highlighted and showcased various speakers from around the island to share some wisdom and knowledge in their field. Not only that, local artists were also able to display their artworks to be viewed by event participants towards the end of the program.

Art is an essential part of our society that shapes how we see our world and remember our heritage. It is not only an experience for the eyes but also for the mind and our imaginations. We are able to catch a glimpse into the minds of our local artists as they share not only their crafts but their visions for all to behold.
Arte Lokal, Aton Bugal has given these local artists and speakers a chance to share their visions and experiences to inspire a whole new set of audiences.

As stated at the event, “We celebrate and showcase the talents of our local artists passion and experiences as we highlight the Negros Museum contemporary artwork to tell the story of Negros, with special focus on the province’s main sugar industry which aims to promote the Tourism Industry of Negros Occidental and encourage potential tourists through local Negrense artists and represent the culture of the Island of Negros.”

The event was graced by several local artists and VIP’s including but not limited to, Don Salvador Benedicto Vice Mayor, Hon. Nehemiah Joe J. Dela Cruz Jr., Artist and one of the exhibitors, Burog Alvarado, and many more. Attendees were able to catch a glimpse into the insights of our speakers as they share their experiences, wisdom, and work.

To add, the event was hosted by 2005 Golden Voice winner Mr. Cyrus Alcala RN Clinical Instructor from the University of St. La Salle Bacolod’s College of Nursing. The event was also supported and graced by the faculty and staff of the Tourism and Hospitality Management Department of the University of St. La Salle Bacolod.

In addition, Mr. Rommel Cadigal, Contemporary artist, Educator, and entrepreneur, graced the event as one of the speakers where he was able to share his wisdom and inspire the audience through his speech and to share his initiative “DUAG Empowering Tourism Through Arts and Culture”. Mr Cadigal was also able to share his insights on his experiences in the industry as an artist and as an educator.

To conclude, Arte Lokal Atun Bugal has not only given the limelight to our local exhibitors but it has also given an opportunity for the graduating Hospitality Management students of COHM4E of the University of St. La Salle Bacolod an avenue to showcase their potential as future industry workers to create and organize events and hone their skills in the Hospitality and events industry.* (MGP)


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